Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DAY 76: From Amateur to Professional- My journey of dancing Salsa for 365 days

WOW! Follow my great friend, Vanessa Hidalgo for 365 as she posts a video everyday of her dance and self love journey. I am so inspired!! Follow her on FB and watch her daily videos. [...]

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Last week I jumped in the car and drove to Vegas to see one of my favorite bands, Blink 182! It was a spontaneous trip. No tickets. No hotel reservations. Just me, my friend and driving music! That’s how I roll. I’ve been attending rock concerts and know [...]

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Joanna Vargas is a dynamic entrepreneur full of both life and passion, as is demonstrated by her vast array of businesses.  She has been in the entertainment and production business since she was a young girl, and as the years have passed her businesses have become key examples of success and determination. Read More


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