Last week I jumped in the car and drove to Vegas to see one of my favorite bands, Blink 182! It was a spontaneous trip. No tickets. No hotel reservations. Just me, my friend and driving music! That’s how I roll.
I’ve been attending rock concerts and know my way around a concert without tickets, however that’s another story (for another time ;). Been rocking out with the best of them since 1993! Attended my first huge rock concert sophomore year in high school and saw Pearl Jam in Indio (where Coachella is now held). I was hooked. I got the bug from my Mom. My first concert ever was Michael Jackson at Dodger’s Stadium when I was 7 years old and I sat in the 7th row (no pun intended) with my Mom, sister (she slept through the entire thing), my Aunt and my cousin. Oh that was fun!
Needless to say, I know my way around a rock concert. I’ve probably been to more than 1,000 concerts and I’ve seen a shift in how people let go, dance and release since 1993. At the recent Blink 182 concert, I was in the pit and when the show started I immediately started dancing. This one gal looked at me like I was an alien. She was in her early 20’s and saw me like I was the weirdest thing that lived 😉 I enjoy being the weirdo. If dancing and having fun is weird…sign me up!!
What happened to our 3 year old selves? When a 3 year old dances, people look and say “Awe, that’s so cute!” And when adults dance, some may secretly videotape them and post it on social media with a funny MEME. Adults might also be shy to dance. Why? I am intrigued with the switch. I am on a mission of bringing back all of our 3 year old dancing selves.
My mission as a Bad Ass Chick is to DANCE LIKE A 3 YEAR OLD. Amen! It’s fun. Release like a 3 year old and wow is it fun! The kids have it right! We were all there one day. Were we taught to hold back? Were we taught that people may think bad things about us? And if they do, so what?! Right?!
So I leave you with the reminder that it’s fun to live like a 3 year old. Dance. Let loose. Release. And go to concerts and dance and annoy the people around you.

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