Joanna Vargas Bio 2016

Joanna Vargas is a dynamic entrepreneur full of both life and passion, as is demonstrated by her vast array of businesses. She has been in the entertainment and production business since she was a young girl, and as the years have passed her businesses have become key examples of success and determination.

Joanna began dancing at the age of 5 and choreographed her first dance when she was only 7 years old. In high school she was on Alhambra High School’s award winning national dance team for 4 years and was the captain her junior year at the age of 15. Being a born leader, she did an amazing job with the team, and led them to greater newfound heights. After high school, she studied dance at the University of California Santa Barbara and at California State University of Long Beach. She was also represented by Daniel Hoff, Los Angeles dance talent agency. She danced with both national and local singers all over the country and was featured in several music videos with stars such as Usher and Jewel.

In college, Joanna took her deep love for movement and music and received her group fitness and personal training certification for The Aerobics Fitness Association of America. She began training group clients in Los Angeles at multiple locations including LA Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Bodies in Motion and many more. Through these opportunities, she found out that her gift was teaching others! She loved teaching so much that she began teaching dance full time at a dance studio in Fullerton, CA. She trained dancers as young as 3 years old to adults and developed her amazing talent to lead and guide large groups of people.

In 2000, Joanna produced her first dance event in North Hollywood, CA at The Wilshire Ebell Theater. It was a dance showcase honoring Michael Jackson titled “The King Of Pop” which was under the direction of Jayvee Productions that featured over 200 dancers from all over Hollywood. Following her first official production, she fell in love with producing and knew she wanted to produce and deliver even bigger events to the world. In 2001, she created a Dance Showcase and Competition called Maxt Out. It featured over 100 dancers from local colleges and high schools and today it has now grown to an annual event that hosts over 1,500 dancers and more than 2,000 fans every year!

Joanna always wanted to be a dance studio director and owner and in 2006 she made that dream a reality. She opened Jayvee Dance Center in Downtown Alhambra, CA. She quickly grew that studio to over 700 students and since then, over 10,000 dancers have trained and graced the hallways of Jayvee Dance Center. Many of her adult students began to ask her about her confidence and willpower and asked for training in dance, self love and dancing in heels. This led her to creating Streetease dance classes and three DVDs in 2005. Streetease is a dance training focusing on building confidence in heels for the gal next door.

In 2010, Joanna wanted to bring back her Delta Zeta Sorority days of dressing up for parties throughout the entire year (not just for Halloween) and she created QueenVee Entertainment. QVE produces party boat cruises that promote fun and uplifting dress-up adult themed parties. Joanna discovered that adults actually love to dress up! Since 2010, QVE has produced over 20 different party cruises and the business continues to grow today.

After that adventure, Joanna went back to training fitness clients and Pilates classes and came up with a new idea for fitness classes that no one else was doing. Using a system that she loved, Joanna created The Fit Factor Studio and doors opened in 2012 in Downtown Alhambra, CA. Since then The Fit Factor Studio has grown to more than 200 fit fanatics and over 1,500 clients have trained with her and her team in Alhambra. She then saw that Alhambra was lacking a competitive run and created the annual Alhambra Pumpkin Run in 2014 that takes place every October. The course runs through the beautiful streets of east/north Alhambra and includes a 1k/5k/10k which brings in more than 1,000 runners joining the race every year.

Due to teaching for more than 20 years, Joanna noticed that many women were struggling with unconditional self love, unconditional confidence and consistent energy. She created her brand new coaching program and is writing her new book titled Bad Ass Chicks Rock. BACR is an amazing lifestyle program that coaches women how to live consistently with unconditional self love teaching them Joanna’s R (Receive).O (Open).C (Confidence).K (Kid life). philosophy and lifestyle. She teaches women how she’s able to harness so much amazing energy on a consistent daily access and wake up with both self love and self worth.

Joanna has 3 loves – teaching, music and concerts! Joanna has attended over 500 concerts in her lifetime and is a true concert snob (her IG nickname). This year she’s producing her first ever concert called MainFest Music Festival. The festival will take place on Saturday, September 10th in Downtown Alhambra, CA right on Main Street. The festival will bring in over 5,000 festival goers with great vibes and smiles ready to dance and create memories for the city. The festival is featuring amazing national bands like; Capital Cities, Miami Horror, Dead Sara and more.

Joanna uses her wide range of experience in leadership, business building and the fundamentals of fitness and movement to create kick ass and life changing events, as well as classes and coaching for clients all over the world. She helps leverage your natural abilities while building your physical and mental strength. Joanna pushes her students, team and colleagues to their absolute personal best, and lovingly provides the training that helps you tap into your personal power.